Hedia diabetes assistant

Making life with diabetes easier

Hedia has been developed as a tool that will make everyday life easier for people suffering from type 1 diabetes

Hedia diabetes assistant

Your personal diabetes assistant – as an iOS application

App safety

In the development of Hedia we cooperate with Chief Physician Eva Elisabeth Hommel from the Steno Diabetes Center.

Free for all

Hedia is an app for people suffering from type 1 diabetes, and is free to use.

Simple, intuitive design

Having diabetes shouldn’t be hard, and that is why we have developed an app with a simple and intuitive design. In just 4 slides you will be able to enter your blood sugar levels, the meal you intend to eat, your level of activity, and get a suggested insulin dosage.

Insulin and habits

Hedia learns from the data you enter. This means that Hedia will become smarter, and give better advice to you, if you use the app regularly.

Hedia has been developed in collaboration between developers, health care professionals and type 1 diabetes patients.

Food/carbohydrate counter

Hedia calculates your insulin dosage using carbohydrate counts and your blood sugar levels. If you are not used to counting carbohydrates, you will easily be able to find your preferred dishes, and Hedia will calculate the carbohydrate amount.

Alarms & messages

Hedia diabetes assistant notifies you if you ought to check your blood sugar levels after a high measurement. Your personalized diabetes assistant can predict an expected low nightly blood sugar level and notify you about this. Hedia can send you push messages when you need to measure your blood sugar levels or if you have registered a check-up in the app.

Activity levels

Hedia is the first app to include your daily activity in the calculation of your suggested insulin dosage. Hedia takes both your daily steps and your manually fitness entered into account.


With Hedia it is quick and easy to enter your data and get a suggested insulin dosage. Hedia calculates your suggested dosage using your carbohydrate/insulin ratio and your insulin sensitivity. Hedia remembers your last dosage entered into the app and will be able to tell you how much active insulin is left in your body when you enter your current data.

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The Hedia Team

Peter Lucas

CEO - Bs in innovation and entrepreneurship and Type 1

Peter is a born entrepreneur and manager. Peter makes things happen, sees opportunities, and is good at motivating people around him. Peter gets in touch with potential new partners and involves relevant persons in the development of Hedia. Peter has a BA in innovation and entrepreneurship as well as several years’ experience of running businesses. Having Peter on the team means all formalities taken care of. Peter has diabetes 1 himself, and thus plays a double part in the actual development of the app and in establishing Hedia as a business.

Christina Kildentoft

CIO - Nurse / Master of science in public health

Christina has the ability to transfer complex scientific knowledge to specific steps in the development processes. Christina’s background as a nurse and an MSc Public Health is obvious in her work. She is conscientious by nature, does not waste time on mistakes, and does everything with empathy. Diabetes has been her area of work for five years and the topic of her Master Thesis, and she is therefore the best professional you can wish for as the link from development to our clinical partners.

Andreas Jespensgaard

CDO - Digital designer

Andreas develops digital products focusing on the user. Design must be both visually pleasant and easy and intuitive to use. With 10 years of experience in front-end development Andreas has a unique ability to see, feel and think design and digital user experience. Andreas is therefore the natural choice for the development of Hedia.


Software developer

Mads works with software implementation, data analysis and development of artificial intelligence. Through several years of problem solving, theoretical mathematics and machine learning Mads has developed the ability to always find new and creative solutions to complex problems. Therefore, Mads is the person, to develop and train the algorithms that gives a personal experience as personal and accurate as possible.

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Hedia started in November 2016 in ScaleUp Denmarks lifescience accelerator

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