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Hedia – Diabetes Assistant

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By the beginning of 2019, we will be ready with a new and improved diabetes assistant for your pocket. Hedia is undergoing thorough treatment and the new diabetes app will be available to both iOS and Android!

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New Features

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More accurate calculations with food database

With Hedia’s food database you can choose foods, add your own dish or scan a barcode with ease. Hedia’s food database can recognize patterns in your eating habits and helps you assess the number of carbohydrates in your meal.

Your active life
makes a difference

At Hedia, we know that physical activity affects your blood sugar. Hedia makes it possible to enter your physical activity and lets you take it into account in your insulin calculation depending on the type and intensity.

Transfer your blood sugar level wirelessly

Now you can transfer your blood glucose level measurements wirelessly to Hedia from your blood sugar meter via Bluetooth or NFC. That means no more manually entering your numbers in your diabetes app.  


We Believe in the
Power of Community

Our goal is to create a diabetes app that you’re satisfied with and will use every day. That’s is why we’re constantly optimising our diabetes app to make it better every day by really listening to what our users have to say.

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